720460 - RTD - DUAL FOR CCT-NC

720460 - RTD - DUAL FOR CCT-NC
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720460 - RTD - DUAL FOR CCT-NC - Works with all Harshaw, Engelhard, Atotech USA, Atlas and 极速5分彩-【官网首页】 fog and cyclic corrosion test chambers. PURPOSE: The purpose of the Over-temperature RTD is to read the current temperature in the exposure zone and report that signal or value to the cabinet over-temperature controller. FUNCTION: The over-temperature RTD is constantly sending a temperature signal to the chamber overtemperature controller. In most cases, two (2) RTD sensors are housed in the same probe with one signal going to the cabinet controller, and the second signal going to the cabinet overtemperature safety controller. In this case the Dual Temperature RTD is installed. From the sheath, it cannot be determined if an RTD probe is single or double. To make the determination, look at the number of wires exiting the probe. Two or three wires indicate a single RTD probe. Four or six wires indicate a dual RTD probe. The cabinet RTD is wired to channel 1 of the RTD card on the input/output rack.
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